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Accoya® Wood Outdoor Decking 

Accoya® Wood is the first natural wood to have the highest number of sustainable Eco labels in the world. Other than that, it is a very stable and durable wood suitable for all kinds of decking and outdoor purposes.

Using the latest renowned eco-technology from the Netherlands, Accoya® Wood has the following benefits:

  • all weather resistance (which makes it very suitable for ship decks, roof top patios, harbour decks, swimming pools and areas that are highly exposed to rain)
  • it is natural and environmental friendly (which makes it 100% renewable and can be recycled without causing any harmful toxic emission to the environment)
  • Accoya® Wood deck is strongly resistant to UV decolouration; thereby retaining the wood's original lasting beauty.
  • very strong stability due to its natural characteristics, thereby reducing the possibility of swelling and shrinkage in the long run.
  • Accoya® wood has Class 1 durability and provides a guarantee scheme of 50 years above ground and 25 years in direct soil contact. 

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