What is High End Resilient Flooring?

What is High End Resilient Flooring?

High end resilient flooring is a new type of flooring recently introduced into the flooring Singapore market; it is an improved version of flooring to laminate, wooden flooring. It is also known as "water laminate flooring" by some interior designers and contractors in Singapore.

 It basically provides the solution to two of the most common problems in which laminate flooring and wooden flooring are facing namely, water and termites attack.

 High end resilient floor is 100% waterproof and 100% termite proof. Hence it is very suitable for installing in wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. Since it is termite proof, home owners living near forested areas, will have a peace of mind as they do not have to worry about termites and insects mites from attacking their floor without them noticing it.

 The other strong feature about high end resilient flooring is that it can be re-used over and over again. Say you installed it in your home, after 5 years, you want to move house; and in fact, you can actually "bring" your existing high end flooring along to your new home. What it means to you, that the investment on high end resilient flooring is worthwhile as it can be recycled and therefore save you tons of money in the long run.

 High end resilient flooring comes with a 10-year commercial lifetime residential warranty. Installation is very easy as you required no underlay or expertise doing it. All you need is a ruler and pen knife to do the installation.

 By feeling its "wooden like" surface, it feels as though you are touching a real piece of wood. Moreover, high end resilient flooring are highly scratch resistant and it has 2 times the resistance on heavy objects impact than the highest quality laminate flooring range. Therefore, high end resilient floor can be installed at very high traffic accessed areas such as shopping malls, door entrances, commercial buildings etc.

 In today's society, high end resilient flooring will be the most suitable flooring for busy working adults who do not have the time to regularly clean and maintain their floor. Because of this reason, in time to come, we could definitely see the rising trend in the demand for high end resilient flooring in the flooring market.